There is a great baby t-shirt sold in New Orleans that says “poo-dat.” Seems quite appropriate. Only poo might not be the exact word I would use tonight.


When I said to friends near end of game I was nervous because #Saints had found some incredible ways to lose games at end, didn’t mean that to be a challenge to top them all.

“The best of times, the worst of times.”  Was Dickens a Saints fan?   #Ataleoftwohalves

After awful bowl season where every conference team but Utah lost, rookie #MarcusWilliams FROM Utah lets #Vikings pull off miracle win. Not #Pac12‘s year.

Since we are now looking at a possible Minnesota-Jacksonville Super Bowl, neither with a quarterback most Americans have heard of,  I guess this might be a game where people really do watch for the commercials.


All this controversy over $130,000 to a porn star. Well, at least one independent contractor who worked under Trump got paid.


To be fair, maybe in his mind Trump wasn’t ignoring a state yesterday, because he & many birther buddies don’t think Hawaii is a state.

A serious post on a current myth. I’ve spent all my working life since the age of 15 in either restaurants or the travel industry. And I believe most people try to do a good job at work.
But my observation is that immigrants, legal and illegal, have always been some of the very hardest working people. Lazy and entitled seems to be more of a problem for those born right here in the USA.

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One Comment on “Poo-dat”

  1. KingRhiNOLa Says:

    Wow….. You? Are pretty spectacular…….

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