Plenty of questionable calls went New England Patriots way last night. And can understand how Tennessee  fans might be upset. Without those calls,  Titans might have only lost by 10.

At this point Drew Brees, 38, has to have extra motivation to reach 2018 Super Bowl only because he might be considered the young upstart QB next to Brady.

RIP #KeithJackson. If they show NFL playoff games in heaven, maybe God turns down the sound so he and Dick Enberg can do commentary this weekend.

49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession. Maybe someone needs to move himself to California for the offseason….
Wikipedia editing is the best revenge? “Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian was a stable genius American football coach and is the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League but will possibly be homeless by the preseason.
NBA fined Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood $35,000 for slapping a phone out of fan’s hand when he left the court. Now, I don’t blame celebrities for getting annoyed with picture taking in private time….but during a televised game?
Of course most Presidents swear  and are insulting in private. But most of them direct their curse words at more appropriate targets like other politicians. Or sports officiating crews.
Worst thing about Friday’s Hawaii false alarm might turn out to be state collectively shrugging if there’s another alarm that turns out not to be fake?
So one thing that amazes me. – with all the creative capitalists in US, why aren’t I getting ads for “Don’t blame me I voted for Hillary” shirts?
As Trump complains that Democrats aren’t helping to fix DACA, remember the Pottery Barn rule – “You broke it, you own it.”
If a Clinton lawyer allegedly paid porn star $130k in 2016 in hush money to keep an affair with Bill quiet, want to bet how many hours it would take for GOP chants of “Lock her up?”
Saturday night of a long weekend & Trump is retweeting conspiracy theorists. No staffer suggested sympathy for stressed-out Hawaiians or “thoughts & prayers” for Californians affected by mudslides?



Trump tweet storm Saturday night. Has someone told the president that if he’s  that bored on Saturday night,  SNL is back


From T.J. in Canada on Trump “I didn’t say that but even if I did – Shithole countries is just “Locker Room Talk.”

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