Stephen Curry apparently injured his ankle again in practice.   But given that it’s January he should be recovered before the NBA pre-season ends in April?

ESPN “Are the Thunder or Wolves a bigger threat to the Warriors?” So when did Spurs become chopped liver?

(or for that matter Rockets.)

UCF fans did a digital billboard asking Alabama to play the Golden Knights during the regular season.  And give up worthy foes like Colorado State and Mercer?

50 evacuated and some minor injuries when an apparently overheated iPhone battery started emitting smoke in a Zurich store. Talk about a baked Apple.

So were ICE raids on 7-Eleven just another way of going after states that have legalized marijuana? #Doritos.

Because of course everyone knows that Americans for years have been denied the chance to work at 7-Eleven. #Cruelpettystupid

Diet Coke is changing its look and its marketing due to slumping sales. Maybe bigger problem is that watching Trump is making America think the beverage causes dementia.


If ICE “really’ wanted to make a statement about no one being above the law, think they would consider massive unannounced raids at Trump properties?

An innocent man would be happy to talk to the FBI to set the record straight.

So Mexico is paying for wall, but US budget needs $18 billion for it.. Another of those time-share deals with “modest” annual fees?

With earthquake of the shore of Honduras plus tsunami warnings, I guess humming “The Morning After” on a cruise ship would be a bad idea. #Bustohell

Some say @SenFeinstein too old to run again for Senate. But besides fact women live longer than men, some advantages in having no more f*cks to give.#FusionGPS

“Sneaky Dianne Feinstein.” Couldn’t Trump have just called her a “Sneaky Woman?” That would look better on a best-selling t-shirt.

Now Trump is taking on Senator Dianne Feinstein. Pass the popcorn. Sorry Donny, you aren’t in her league.

Dianne Feinstein NEVER said there was no collusion. Lies, Damn Lies and Trumpisms.

On the other hand, “Sneaky Dianne” sounds like a good message for Senator Feinstein’s re-election t-shirts.


Horrible mudslides & death toll at 15 in California. Good to see @realDonaldTrump trying to be Presidential at least with “thoughts and prayers.” Wait, never mind.

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