Age and treachery


From  @NFLResearch after first half of NFC Wild Card game –  “Drew Brees’ 151.4 passer rating is the highest by any player in the first half of a playoff game (min. 10 attempts) since @kurt13warner in the 2008 NFC Championship (156.0 passer rating against Eagles) @Saints”

Spurs lose by 1 to Portland on the road with Kawhi, Parker etc, out  Manu Ginobili is the first player in his 40s to score 15+ points in back-to-back games since Michael Jordan in 2002-03.  If only San Antonio had a bit more maturity.

#Bills vs #Jaguars today in 1st NFL Wild Card Game. “I’ll take two teams that most Americans haven’t seen on TV this year for $400, Alex.”

If Colin Kaepernick goes ahead with his collusion trial he can put game tape of #Bills #Jaguars today as exhibit one. #NFLPlayoffs


Pretty clear we elected the wrong television star as President. #Oprah

But really, to be a #stablegenius don’t you have to win at least one Kentucky Derby?

-my sister suggests “Oh, that’s how he meant it. It makes so much more sense now. As horse’s asses go, he probably can be considered a genius.”


GOP governors in Florida & NH came out against offshore oil drilling plan. Waiting to see how Trump revises it only to drill off coasts of blue states.

As part of @realDonaldTrump’s am tweet storm – “Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well. So will I!” So he’s admitting to having Alzheimer’s?


If Trump really wants to prove he’s a self-made billionaire (except for that little $1 million loan from his father) maybe he should release his tax returns?

So if  Fire and Fury  is all lies, why is Trump so furious about what  Steve Bannon  reportedly said?


Jake Tapper on CNN called Stephen Miller “obsequious”  and told him to “stop wasting his viewers’ time.  After the interview Tapper then said “Welcome back to planet Earth.” Will those be the first words we hear when Trump leaves the White House? ”

So who got to be the one who explained that “obsequious” meant to the #stablegenius today? #Trump #StephenMiller



Women aren’t surprised that @realDonaldTrump would get confused using the word “consensual.”

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