Turning it around?

Two questions as Raiders prepare to announce Jon Gruden as new head coach next week. 1. How long a contract. 2. How long before he gets fired?


Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is leaving early for NFL draft. Since ESPN rates him 7th best QB prospect guess he feels safe from being drafted by Browns.

As media reports on possible Patriots dissension over trading Garopollo perhaps worth remembering not that long ago SF 49ers thought Kaepernick was their franchise QB.

American Airlines flight from JFK to Cancun this morning had to turn around & land back at airport after reports that someone “mistakenly thought they saw an engine on fire.”
Thereby putting a planeload of people on their way to the beach back in #bombcyclone.
Guessing the culprit has a great future in Southwest commercials

So who needs labor laws and regulations? Another American Airlines flight delayed an hour because low-paid subcontracted caterers who aren’t airline employees accidentally broken an exit sign in back of plane.

NY Times says Mueller has handwritten notes from Mr. Trump’s former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, about pressuring Comey. Can’t wait to see the nickname Trump comes up with for Preibus.

There were 2.06 million jobs created in 2017. There were 2.24 million created in 2016. . No one should spread his around as it will upset Trump.

US has warned people not to eat romaine lettuce after E. coli outbreak. How many kids telling their parents better to be safe and just skip salads.


So when can we expect tweet from @realDonaldTrump saying even his storms are biglier and better than Obama’s?

Most media outlets. “Is Trump Sane?” Fox News. “Is it time to impeach Hillary Clinton?”

So which genius in administration thought best way to deal w/ rumors of Trump dementia was having him appear on video tape at White House press conference?


Would Trump like to explain why he chose “Sloppy Steve Bannon” for one of most sensitive positions in White House – National Security Council?



As #FireAndFury breaks sales and library waitlist records, who’d a thunk @realDonaldTrump would be the greatest President for promoting reading ever?

So how long until Trump drops lawsuit on #FireAndFury and files another lawsuit demanding a cut of royalties?

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One Comment on “Turning it around?”

  1. Ben Says:

    STABLE Genius! Mr. Ed – now he was a STABLE Genius!!
    (Oh Wilbur!)

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