After hours


NFL changing several week 17 games to several hours later. @Redskins & @Giants would have been happy had they changed their game to next pre-season.

-Some wonder why I root for San Antonio Spurs. And then I wonder, how can you not? – Gregg Popovich on why charity matters “Because we’re rich as hell & we don’t need it all,& other people need it Then, you’re an ass if you don’t give it. Pretty simple.”


Duke vs Northern Illinois Tuesday. “I’ll take teams that should be a March Madness instead of a bowl matchup for $400, Alex.”


Last home games in Nashville & Baltimore will now be at night in winter because @NFL thinks it’s more fair with teams trying for playoffs. Same that logic didn’t apply for scheduling Thursday Night Football.

At Orlando airport this morning, there were major TSA delays after passenger w/ concealed-carry permit tried to bring a gun & ammunition in his carry-on bag. Back on your game, Florida.

Actual talk in Britain that Prince Harry is thinking of inviting the Obamas to his comparatively small wedding, but not Trump. And that some in government are worried it will upset the President and cause problems for US-Britain relations.

Three words for Harry from the USA “Just do it.”


AP reports that Trump has not had a single State dinner as President. Makes sense – he can’t make a profit off of a meal he serves at the White House.


The White House is removing a centuries-old Jackson Magnolia tree.  Now apparently the tree is old and sick and arborists have been trying to treat it for some time. But guessing they could have got Trump’s permission just by saying it was Obama’s favorite.



As media tries so hard to find stories of Trumpsters who still support @realDonaldTrump wouldn’t it be easier to interview members at Mar-A-Lago & Bedminster?

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