Happy Boxing Day

n England, Dec 26 is known as “Boxing Day.”   Wonder if in USA Dec 25 became “Boxing Day” or maybe just “Punching Day” as liberals ended up having to spend all day w/ pro-Trump relatives?

So if saying “Merry Christmas” is defending Christianity shouldn’t that mean celebrating Cinco de Mayo is defending Mexican immigrants?

So Christmas Day we all finally stop getting those emails for last-minute shopping opportunities. And start getting them for after-Christmas sales.

And now that Trump thinks he’s won the war on Christmas, what’s next?  A demand next year that we only wish each other a White Christmas?

Sad news.  RIP Heather Menzies Urich, 68 -, “Louisa,” Or as we should say “So, long, farewell….Auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

So will the NY Jets’ motto for next season be “At least we suck less than the NY Giants?”

Santa didn’t bring SF Giants fans everything we wished for. But maybe we can pick up a power-hitter in the after-Christmas sales?

Nice for a change that Twitter is erupting over Kevin Durant’s non-foul call on LeBron James instead of over a Trump tweet.

Raiders put a punctuation mark on an awful second half of the season, by allowing five turnovers in the 2nd half of tonight’s game against the Eagles.    At this point some Oakland fans have to be wondering…. can they get that Vegas stadium built any faster?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, after missing the playoffs. “I feel good about our head coach.” Translation, I haven’t figured who I want to replace him with yet.

A JetBlue flight tonight from Savannah to Boston skidded off the runway into the snow at Logan Airport tonight. No injuries, and since JetBlue has Direct TV, maybe passengers at least got to see themselves make the news?

Russia has barred opposition leader Alexey Navalny from running against Putin in 2018. Trump is thinking “You can do that?”


Barack Obama sent out a Merry Christmas tweet and it got more likes than any tweet Trump sent out this year.

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