Ready to give thanks?

Just warning that turkey Trump plans to pardon for Thanksgiving. He sure as heck better express gratitude if he wants to live out the weekend.

Redskins had a 99.8% chance of beating Saints with 4 minutes left. Even Patriots have no idea how New Orleans won game.

Still, few things in the NFL are more fun than watching Drew Brees with less than 2 minutes left on the clock.

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t need testimony in his NFL collusion trial – just game day tapes, now adding Nathan Peterman to the list.


Steve Kerr on Trump & LaVar Ball “Two people seeking attention & they’re both getting it.” Suggested media stop covering both. #PopovichKerr2020

Over 160,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida. Has anyone told Trump they can vote?

Fired UCLA football coach Jim Mora scheduled to make $3.7 mill a year before bonuses through 2021. Was Calif’s highest-paid state employee. #priorities

Cleveland passed on Carson Wentz,  and he’s turned into a young star. But does anyone doubt that had the Browns chosen Wentz they’d have found a way to screw him up?

Not that I would’ve minded UCLA basketball players spending week in jail. But does anyone doubt China wouldn’t have released them under Obama?

Give @realDonaldTrump credit. Who else could make Lavar Ball and sons into even slightly sympathetic characters?


#AMAs – for all those who think outfits worn by presenters & winners at #Oscars are too conventional.

Trump attacks Jeff Flake again on Twitter. If there was only anything Flake could do to really express his displeasure, you know, like vote against tax bill…

Border agent killed, which is awful, but Trump immediately tweets “we will, and must build the wall.” If only he were so quick to respond to mass shootings.

Steven Mnuchin says he takes being compared to a Bond villain as a compliment. He would.

Speaking as a woman, isn’t EVERY day, #InternationalMensDay?

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2 Comments on “Ready to give thanks?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Many years ago before Twitter and Twits as POTUS existed, I helped a little old lady cross the street. Today, I found out through social media that she has a Facebook page and never did not thank me for that deed. So I guess I should have left that ungrateful old woman standing helplessly in the crosswalk when the light changed.

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