By the numbers.


Number 1 Alabama played Mercer today.  And number 2 Clemson played the Citadel.  What, the Cleveland Browns weren’t available?


Know Warriors have gotten a little lackadaisical with their starts, but 47 points is probably a little too cocky to allow in the first quarter if they play a real team.

Lavar Ball on the President supposedly getting his son home “Who? What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” Don’t spread this quote around.  Would upset Trump.


Whatever happens the rest of this #Stanford season at least David Shaw figured out teams can go for it on 4th down. #BeatCal

Trader Joe’s has recalled some salads over shards of glass & hard plastic being found inside packaging. At Whole Foods that would have been called “fiber.”


Give Ivanka Trump credit. Martha Stewart has been dethroned as queen of “Most Mocked Thanksgiving Hostess.”

The President who never forgets a perceived slight & who can’t go a week without bragging about his election win is tweeting at Hillary Clinton to get on with her life.

So Trump overturns Obama’s anti-poaching law, puts his repeal on hold after outcry, & no now doubt will take credit for saving elephants. #WTF?

Trump is retweeting praise for his decision to review lifting ban on elephant trophies. Somehow I missed tweets from Donny Jr & Eric.

Trump praising himself for overturning his overturning Obama’s ban on elephant trophies is like OJ congratulating civil jury for finding the real killer.

Wes Goodman, married anti-LBGT Ohio lawmaker who resigned after being caught after having consensual sex w/ man in his office, had also gone through anti-gay conversion therapy….

Ryan Seacrest said misconduct allegations from 10 years ago at E! New are “reckless.” How many wonder, was he accused by a man or woman?

David Cassidy, 67, is apparently in a coma in critical condition. Sad. But how did Keith Partridge become 67? I feel old.

#2017In4Words Makes us miss 2016.

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