After midnight.

What if you upset a top 10 team and no one was awake to see it.  #Stanford  #Washington

But yeah, that moment when #Stanford upsets top 10 #UW team & @ESPN doesn’t even mention it on their site. What East Coast bias?

Stanford football tickets have individual players’ pictures on them along with their majors. Just guessing that doesn’t happen in SEC. #nerdnation

Stanford frosh basketball star Kezie Okpala basketball will “sit out of competition” indefinitely due to low grade in his spring semester High School AP calculus course. At Kentucky they’re going “whats a calculus course?”‘

#RoyMoore in Oct on NFL players kneeling “It’s against the law, you know that. It was a act of Congress that every man stand and put their hand over their heart. That’s the law.” Sounds like Moore very unclear on legal use of hands.


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his proposed lawsuit against NFL has nothing to do w/ Zeke suspension. Then he went off to work on his bridge sale in Brooklyn.

Maybe US women’s Gymnastics should look seriously into the possibility of using women doctors? #AlyRaisman

Got to love targeted Twitter advertising. Write a joke about UCLA players shoplifting Louis Vuitton sunglasses, get an ad for an LV purse.

Say one thing about Hollywood, when they now discover a sexual predator, they are more likely to dump him than compare him to father of Jesus. #RoyMoore

Here’s a hint. If you’re an adult man & you think you need to ask a girl’s mother for permission to date her, she’s too young. Period.

Ok all you 30-something men who want to date teenagers, just make sure their parents are Republicans.  Then it’ll be fine.

Still trying to wrap my head around many in Alabama preferring their teenage daughters date a 30-something man than girl their own age.

There is some particular irony for President Bone Spurs ending up in Vietnam on #VeteransDay.


#LouisCK “These stories are true.” That moment when a sexual predator comedian has more integrity than a man who wants to be Senator. #RoyMoore

Steve Bannon compares Roy Moore allegations to the Access Hollywood Trump tape. Yep. #predatorsofafeather

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