Worse and worser.

49ers announcers talking pre-game about how the team is really better than their 0-8 record. Well, they could hardly be worse.

So how much better are they than their 0-9 record.

Tickets for 11/12 game at Levi’s between 1-7 #NYGiants & 0-9 #SF49ersdown to $20 on Stubhub. How long til they pay people to show up?

Dallas Cowboys tweeted out “Not in Kansas” anymore after their home win over Chiefs. Uh, except neither is Kansas City, Missouri.

In a world that seems to be going insane at times, the 2017 SF 49ers are at least a comforting example of consistent suckiness.

Headline no one, even in New Orleans expected to see after NFL wk 2. – “Falcons drop chance to keep pace with Saints in shifting NFC South.”

A little good news for sports fans in Cleveland –#Browns are on a bye-week.


So how can we move the clocks back only one hour and it feels three hours later already.

#DonnaBrazile “Go to hell, I’m going to tell my story.” Fine, but can you keep your story straight then?

Paul Ryan says he doesn’t think Mueller should be fired. Makes sense, Ryan could quite possibly be a Pence scandal away from White House.

Reports #SutherlandSprings killer 26-yr old white man. Must make families & survivors feel better knowing they weren’t terrorist victims.

Hey @realDonaldTrump, that “Not in the USA!” tweet you sent after NYC killings, where is it today after white guy w/ gun killed 20+ people?



Texas killer “court-martialed in 2012 after being accused of assaulting his spouse & child.” How the f*ck was he able to buy a gun?

So maybe we could use some of that “extreme vetting” on gun sales?

“Thoughts and prayers?” Uh, people are dying while thinking in schools, and praying in church. What about actual change?

So is GOP inaction on gun control all part of a jobs program where we’ll need to hire armed security guards everywhere?

Look, I have friends who hunt & who own guns, would someone like to give me one good reason why ANYONE needs an AR-15? #SutherlandSprings

Waiting for the NRA statement defending rights of domestic abusers to own guns.

Looked at comments on Fox News. Saw expected calls for more guns, also many saying shooter was liberal Antifa member. #WTF#Deplorable


Rand Paul assaulted by neighbor – apparently two men didn’t like each other. Wonder what kind of security Ted Cruz needs around his house?

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3 Comments on “Worse and worser.”

  1. Dan Denison Says:

    Extreme vetting for Irish Americans maybe?

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    MetLife Stadium is now known as Area 51

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