Beyond baseball

Houston Astros say they are not sure on a potential White House trip. Of course, they should be careful, Trump could see Altuve & try to deport him as unaccompanied immigrant child.

Alabama freshman quarterback Mac Jones, 19,  arrested Friday morning and charged with driving under the influence (along with improper identification by a minor.) Okay, I know there are rules against boosters providing cars to players. Maybe NCAA should reconsider Uber/Lyft credits?


New Nationals manager Dave Martinez, “We’re not here just to win playoff game. We’re here to win WorldSeries.” Can we start with a playoff series?


Watching Thunder this year with Carmelo Anthony. Is it just possible that cancer is contagious?

Dolly Parton’s ex-publicist accused of offering fans meet & greet for oral sex. If one of those women shot him might be good country song.


Netflix said no further production of House of Cards will include Kevin Spacey. Does this mean “President Claire Underwood?” #SilverLining

Whatever happened to La David Johnson f*cking sucks. Does anyone doubt if it was on Clinton’s watch GOP would be calling for impeachment?

Astros not sure on White House trip. Should be careful, Trump could see Altuve & try to deport him as unaccompanied immigrant child.

Ivanka Trump made a speech against sexual harassment. That’s like Colonel Sanders’ daughter making a speech for chicken rights.

Trump didn’t speak publicly at Pearl Harbor memorial. I think I speak for millions of Americans when I say, Thank God.

Person who shut down @realDonaldTrump twitter account reportedly a contractor. Can he/she contract next with the IRS?

Seriously, maybe even GOP should start getting a little nervous in that @realDonaldTrump wants to fire and/or prosecute anyone who disagrees with him?


As Bill Bradley 2000 supporter, didn’t occur to me to allege rigging when Primary process, as usual, HEAVILY favored front-runner Al Gore.

As Trump claims “Most Americans will be able to file taxes on a single piece of paper,” two words to him “You start.” #showusthemoney

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