And then there were two.

Game 7 between the SF Giants and Kansas City Royals is one of my favorite baseball memories ever. In retrospect.

But game 7’s are a lot less stressful when you like one team better, but they’re not YOUR team.

Thrilled for the Astros though.

Still hard not to consider this a World Series between two NL teams.   #Astros   #Dodgers

Maryland-Rutgers game moved this weekend from Yankee Stadium in two weeks due to Yankees postseason run. Disappointing at least a dozen fans.

And who knew…. maybe this was bad karma for the Yankees.  Curse of the Scarlet Kings?

Well, the #Warriors are not going to go 81-1

-Not a late start this Sat. Stanford has a bye-week. Which means Heisman voters will see about as much of #BryceLove as they do most weeks.

-Sad that these days you see city “Louisville” trending on Twitter & have to check to see- Oh good it’s a football game, not a mass shooting.

A good week  for those of us #SFGiants fans who always liked Verlander and felt bad about rooting against him in 2012. #Astros

Right about now Seminoles fans have to be longing for the days when most embarrassing stories about team involved crab legs & shoes. #FSU

2017 SF Giants were the worst hitting team in baseball. So they fired their pitching coach? #DaveRighetti #WTF

A woman claims she got bed bug bites on a British Airways flight to London. U.S. carriers are appalled, they would have probably charged a “wildlife” fee.

Interesting how some of the loudest proponents of white supremacy are among the biggest examples of why it’s a myth. #deplorables

Are the vows to marry into the Trump family “To love, honor, and defend what Donald says, till death or divorce do us part?”


Nicolas Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson, referred to @realDonaldTrump as “daft twerp.” Can only imagine terms his granddad would use.

Bannon – now attacking W. “There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s.” Trump “Hold my beer.”


All five living ex-presidents raising money for Hurricane Relief tonight. Trump golfing and making money for his golf club.

So we shouldn’t politicize soldiers’ deaths? Unless they happened on Obama and Hillary’s watch. #Niger #Benghazi

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3 Comments on “And then there were two.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Headline: “All 5 living presidents gather for hurricane relief concert in Texas”. So the 6th who did not attend and is still alive, not considered “Living”, is possibly determined to be ‘brain dead’?

  2. TC in BC Says:

    NBA coach Gregg Popovich has blasted Dotard many times. I wonder if he may offer tribute to him by suggesting to rename his team “The San Antonio Bone Spurs”.

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