Fourth time’s the charm?

If the Raiders don’t watch out they might blow their strategy of hoping Vegas reneges on the deal.


So does this NLCS performance this mean @Cubs fans can look forward to another World Series championship in 2124?  #every108years

Nationals have to be thinking “How did we lose to these guys?” #Cubs

What’s the record for number of “last plays in a single NFL game?” Asking for a Raiders fan friend?

Right about now, Drew Brees might be okay with Saints trading to get Brandin Cooks back


NFL Referees Association statement today denounced “recent media reports alleging bias in NFL officiating.” Did Robert Kraft tell them to write it?

Cam Newton didn’t appear for media press conference this Thursday. Maybe he was studying his routes?

Damn. First Hayward now Lin. Alas these first week @NBA games have turned out not to be meaningless after all.

Papa John’s flyer has a coupon for a pizza featuring “cheese made from mozzarella.” What exactly IS “cheese made from mozzarella?”

Trump “I give our Puerto Rico response a 10.” Uh, he gives EVERYTHING he does a 10. Only because there is no 11?

Inspired by President Trump’s strategy saying the everything he does is great,  “a 10” and all reports to the  contrary are #FakeNews will the 2017 #SFGiants now schedule a World Series Parade?

Damn, now four shot in Colorado, at least one fatally. We didn’t even get the “US days without a mass shooting” clock reset to ONE!

Awful to lose police officers in line of duty, but will Trump condolences now include “They knew what they signed up for?”

Putin said Trump should be respected because “he has been elected by the American people.” And Vlad said it with a straight face.

Adored Charlie Brown and #greatpumpkin. But maybe large orange objects should be suing Trump for defamation of character?

Fox News headline “Media playing along as liberals weaponize Gold Star families in fight against GOP.”
But of course when conservatives “weaponize” families who have lost relatives to undocumented immigrants, that’s just good policy. WTF?


Finally, if you were upset about Benghazi you sure as hell better be upset about Niger.

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2 Comments on “Fourth time’s the charm?”

  1. Neal Says:

    What’s the record for number of “last plays in a single NFL game?” Asking for a Raiders fan friend?

    Gimme a one! and a two! and a three! and a four!. LMAO!

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Yanks vs Astros series: Any Roger Clemens sightings? I almost misremember what he even looks like.

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