Treed off?

Had Stanford gone for it on 4th & 1 and gotten TD, last SDSU drive would be for a tie at best. No guts, no glory. #preventoffense

Stanford did play a great football game for those who have become fans of the SF Giants “no offense” offense.


If Stanford had pulled this win out could they make team slogan “Love is all you need?”   #BryceLove

Nothing is certain except death, taxes, and that the #SFGiants should NEVER pitch to Paul Goldschmidt.


On the other hand,  Nebraska also looked like they might have the most embarrassing performance of the day in college football.   Until LSU stepped up tonight against Mississippi State. #holdmybeer

Stanford’s Keller  Chryst against SDSU – 8-19, 56 yards, 2 INT.   So bad an NFL team whose QB had those number would almost be tempted to sign Kaepernick

Nebraska paid Northern Illinois over $800,000 to come to Lincoln. NIU won 21-17. Love watching schools choke on high-priced cupcakes.

Meanwhile, teams often say “God was on our side.” Maybe after Irma He/She really was on Florida’s side with that Hail Mary against Tennessee.

So about that number one draft pick… SF Giants about to be on the (long) clock. @mlb

Seeing all these cute pictures of the President with an 11 yr-old boy cutting White House lawn…. Are we sure Trump didn’t think it was Barron.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says transgenders can continue to serve in the military, while the Pentagon convenes “a high-level panel” to determine how to enact Trump’s ban.
Possible translation, put the ban in committee for a while & maybe the President will forget about it.

About 200 people showed up for #MOAR pro-Trump rally today. Have seen excuse that Trump supporters were working. Dudes, it’s Saturday.

Expecting Trump tweet against the Juggalos…. as soon as someone explains to him what a Juggalo is.

Trump makes his 1st address to UN General Assembly Tuesday. And people thought the movie ‘It’ was scary.

British police apparently have been searching the house near Heathrow Airport of a couple in their 70s who have taken in over 260 foster children, and were recognized by the Queen in 2009 with an MBE for their work.
Fox News headline: “Police raid home of couple who took in young Syrian refugees.”
Uh, these wonderful people were taking in kids before there WERE Syrian refugees.

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