MVP weak?

NFL Players’ Association named Colin Kaepernick its week 1 MVP. Well, he had a better week than Andy Dalton.


We may argue about mixing sports & politics . But maybe man with nuclear codes should be able to shrug off a sports anchor dissing him?


So nobody really expected this would be another #SFGiants team to win 100 games. But 100 losses, alas, is attainable.


Of course “stick to sports” folks calling for ESPN to fire Jemele Hill want FoxSports to fire Clay Travis over “1st Amendment & boobs …. Ooh wait, never mind. #WTF?

MLB has fined Red Sox for using Apple Watch to steal signs. So team will have to go back to stealing signs old-fashioned ways. The horror.


Cincinnati Bengals, who have not scored a touchdown this year, have fired their offensive coordinator. Thereby shocking Bengals fans “we HAD an offensive coordinator?”


Thinking Jemele Hill would resign for having called Trump a white supremacist if Trump resigns for having called Obama a racist born in Kenya.


Trump saying people dumping ESPN in “RECORD numbers” over its politics. Is that what happened to “The Apprentice” in its later years?

Taxpayers paid $1092 for an unidentified someone to stay at Mar-A-Lago 2 nights in March. “Rack rate,” not “corporate” or “govt” rate. Run the country? This administration can’t even run a good travel agency.

In Paris, residents of the 10th arrondissement are hiring falcons to combat a pigeon problem. The plan is for the birds to scare the pigeons off, but not to eat them. Hmm, wonder how falcons feel about the potential taste of small dogs.

Expecting the WH to demand CNN cancel “Parts Unknown” as soon as they figure out who Anthony Bourdain is.


Bourdain btw, when asked if he had to cater a dinner for Trump and Kim Jong Un what he would serve. He responded “hemlock.”  Though later said he was joking and corrected it to kale.

But really, some of us would just as soon eat hemlock as kale.

Does anyone think Trump actually realizes Americans live in the USVI? #Irma?

Scary but fortunately no fatalities in London subway attack.  But somehow  Trump knows the bomber was “in the sights of Scotland Yard.   Good for those with England in Trump insult bingo.


Theresa May says Donald Trump is not “helpful”, police call him an “unhelpful source of speculation.” Is this British for “ignorant fuckwit?

Wonder if Scotland Yard has Trump in their sights?  #Dangerous

From Marc Ragovin.  “Ann Coulter is reportedly so depressed by Trump’s flip flop on DACA, she has started eating.”

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