Age is just a phone number?

Miami Heat said fans now can only get into games w/ tickets on their phones. What about those too old for mobile phones, like 1/2 of Miami?

Zach Randolph, who just signed with the Sacramento Kings, was arrested last night in Los Angeles on charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell. Clearly Randolph should have considered instead signing with the Denver Nuggets.


You can actually bet on #NFL preseason games. If you not only knew this but knew lines for Thursday night, you just might have a gambling problem.

New SF 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has been rated as one of the NFL coaches least likely to be fired this season. Well, when you start out basically saying “We’re rebuilding and we’re going to suck” it does lower expectations.

Another quote showing why #BullDurham is best movie ever – Annie Savoy “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.”

To get Trump focused on fixing this North Korea mess of his own making can someone tell him Guam wants to build best ever Trump golf club?

That moment when a President tweets from the golf course, telling Congress to get to work.

Wharton biz school- Trump plan to slash legal immigration would hurt US economy. Waiting for anti-Wharton tweets in 3.2.1…oops.


CNN reports that Paul Manafort’s son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, has been meeting with DOJ investigators in recent months. And you thought your Thanksgiving dinner this year with relatives could be awkward.


So it’s come out now that married former Trump communications director Jason Miller fathered child w/ former Trump aide A.J. Delgado.

This must be Obama’s fault.

#CNN fired Jeffrey Lord for tweeting “Sieg Heil!” Too soon to start pool when Lord will accept a job w/ White House communications office?

So happy must Mitch McConnell be now that he helped enable @realDonaldTrump to win the Presidency?

Stock market dropped 200 points today. Somehow I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

“It’s not a dare, it’s a statement,” Trump said. No, it’s a dare AND a statement. What is he, 12?

Two days ago Trump said opioids weren’t a national emergency, today they are. Who knew addition could be so complicated?

52% of GOP voters would be ok with postponing 2020 elections if Trump said it was necessary to avoid voter fraud? Beam me up Scottie….


It’s going to be really annoying if a mushroom cloud blocks out the solar eclipse. #bustohell

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2 Comments on “Age is just a phone number?”

  1. Neal Says:

    Another quote showing why #BullDurham is best movie ever – Annie Savoy “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.”


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