You can keep your hat on.

#SFGiants undefeated in 2nd #PabloSandoval era.

The Panda is back in San Francisco.  One of few bright stops in lost season – at least SF Giants aren’t ones paying him $90 million.

Kirk Reuter leads stadium in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and #SFGiants score 3 runs with next 3 batters. #rallywoody

Colin Kaepernick was 23rd ranked QB in NFL last year. So message is, if you’re going to be a distraction, you better be one of the top 10.

#SFGiants lineup tonight: Span, Jones, Crawford, Sandoval, Parker, Pence, Hundley, Stratton. Just like we expected in spring training.

#Dbacks Starting pitcher Anthony Banda, who held #SFGiants to 1 run Friday night , was 7-6 this season, w/ 5.13 ERA, in Triple-A…


Headline in UK Daily Mail “Oakland Athletics star ‘hurls gay slur at Los Angeles Angels fan…”

Now this was a really stupid thing for Matt Joyce to do, and he has apologized (and been suspended two games. )  But “star?” He is hitting .227.’

Stephen Curry shot a 74 at the Ellie Mae Classic & missed the cut. Well, at least he might have fulfilled childhood dream of playing like Tiger Woods.

Isn’t Eric Bolling dick pick kind of redundant?   I think that would describe all his selfies.


#EricBolling has been suspended by Fox News. Well, there are positions open in the White House communications office.

The White House is being renovated while Trump is on vacation. Any chance they can change the locks?

So Putin’s on vacation and Trump just left for 2 weeks in New Jersey. Because Vlad won’t be around to tell him what to do? #coincidence?


A Mike Pence spokesman tweeted that “claims VP preparing for 2020 run are ridiculous #FakeNews.” Nah, Pence thinks he’ll be working on re-election.


Scary thought – while on vacation @realDonaldTrump might really have time to watch TV.


So wonder how much @realDonaldTrump has jacked up the rates at Bedminster to charge taxpayers for his vacation?

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One Comment on “You can keep your hat on.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Since injured Dolphins QB Tannehill will be out for a while, names such as Kaepernick, Cutler, Tebow, Favre have been suggested as possible replacements. “What am I, chopped liver?” tweets Tony Romo.

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