A fight worth watching?

Maybe it’s just me but think Stephen Miller vs Jim Acosta would be more riveting pay-per-view than Mayweather vs McGregor.

ESPN reports Ravens head coach Harbaugh and GM Newsome want to sign Kaepernick, but owner Bisciotti has reservations. Guess it would have been easier if Kap had just killed somebody.


Philadelphia was going to honor Pete Rose this weekend and give away his bobblehead. Now, due to allegation Rose had an affair with a 14 year-old girl, the event has been cancelled. Who knew the 2017 Phillies could have something more embarrassing than the team’s play on the field?

Krukow “Matt Moore has really turned his season around.” I think I like “mission accomplished” better. #SFGiants #As #BayBridgeSeries

Justin Bieber selling plain white Hanes t-shirts online for $30. Guess if he figures you’re dumb enough to pay for one of his concerts….

The horror. Have clients on a 13 1/2 hour flight where pilot admitted before takeoff that the plane had no working entertainment system. If only there were a way to have some sort of backup option for travelers, something you could print out and carry….

If there’s no litmus test for Democrats to fund candidates on choice I presume they’d be okay w/ anyone wanting to limit access to Viagra?

Well who you gonna believe? The President of the United States or Boy Scouts?

Happy #NationalColoringBookDay. Remember those innocent days with George W. Bush when that would have been the setup to the best Presidential jokes of the day?

Trump will be on vacation at his New Jersey golf club from Aug 4-20. Can he leave his phone in White House? Asking for a tired country.

Trump joining with 2 GOP senators to change immigration law to prioritize merit & skills instead of family connections. Wonder if he’ll delegate the details to Ivanka and Jared.


Trump denies calling White House “a dump” Well we all know Golf Magazine is really a front for #FakeNews liberal media. @golf_com

Trump now on Statue of Liberty “Such a funny green and so large, believe me, she wouldn’t be my first choice.”


Trump reportedly wants to fire general because US not winning Afghan war. Whatever happened to “Let’s get with it, get out of Afghanistan?”


Rasmussen poll shows Trump with a 38% approval rating. You do wonder, what exactly could he do to make those supporters abandon him?

Trump statement on the Russia Sanction bill he reluctantly signed, it “remains seriously flawed – particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate.”
Yeah, I am sure he wrote that part himself too.

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3 Comments on “A fight worth watching?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Former NY Giant Michael Strahan lost part of one of his fingers in a recent accident. “Amateur,” said Jason Pierre-Paul

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