Numbers game.

The Warriors’ Stephen Curry is entering his first professional golf event this week via a sponsor’s exemption: the Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic.
A Vegas sportsbook has listed the odds of him winning as 3,000 to 1. So about the same as Tiger Woods.

San Francisco fans were beginning to think they wouldn’t see a 10 in the home team column until 2nd or 3rd game of 49ers season. #SFGiants

2 New England Patriots, Edelman & Gilmore, were ejected from practice today for fighting. Who do they think they are? The Dallas Cowboys?

In Tennessee a bride was arrested at a motel when during an “alcohol-fueled argument” she pulled out a gun and fired it at her husband…. while still wearing her wedding dress.   Your move, Florida.

At San Francisco International AIrport, a 17-yr old boy on a Copa Airlines flight opened the emergency exit door after landing and jumped out on to the runway. He was not injured but was detained by police.
Hey, I’ve had tarmac delays waiting for gates where I feel his pain.

Dear Country: Please excuse Don Jr. from everything. He was helping me with the family business. Sincerely, the best President Ever DJT

As mom of a 20-something I know it can be hard to learn to treat grown children like adults: But Don Trump, Jr will be 40 in Dec. #WTF?

Trump on Jared Kushner “He’s a good — he’s a good boy.” Kushner is 36 years old.

Who knew, Tiffany might turn out to be the smart one?

Who’s more relieved after July 31, the MLB trade deadline?   Players still w/ their teams who didn’t want to be traded? Or White House staffers who still have jobs?

Harvard Law School listed Anthony Scaramucci as dead in its latest alumni directory. Well, that’s only if Trump tells Putin Mooch violated his NDA.

So will all those fired by White House need to be treated for Post Trump Stress Disorder?

Kudos to Jeff Flake for speaking out in his book “Conscience of a Conservative.” On the other hand he writes that we passively say “‘Someone should do something!’ without seeming to realize that someone is us.”
Uh, like someone who has voted with Trump 94.5% of the time?

Headline “Rosie O’Donnell tells women to quit the Democrats and form their own party after top official says candidates do NOT have to support abortion.”
Can we get over this wording? It’s not “support abortion” – it’s “support CHOICE.”

Cory Booker has called for the legalization of marijuana at the federal level. Well, it’s high time.

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