Midseason form?

Alabama DE Da’Shawn Hand was arrested for alleged DUI last night. The Tide open Sept. 2 against Florida State. But I’m sure Nick Saban will send a strong message by suspending Hand for the first quarter of the Sept. 9 Fresno State game.

Open note to @ESPN. I do not f*cking care what Lavar Ball thinks of anything. That is all.

Pitcher David Price, who mocked and swore at fill-in broadcaster Dennis Eckersley on the team plane last month, now says he could have handled things “probably a different way,” But then added a message to Eck – “just show your face,’ claiming he isn’t in the clubhouse much.
Well, Eckersley is at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies this weekend.
Must make Red Sox fans long for the tranquil days of fried chicken and beer.

With two tough losses, SF Giants blew great chances  to climb within 30 games of the Dodgers. Not sure what opposite of Believen is but we’re seeing it in 2017.

Apparently plenty of expensive seats are still available for the Mayweather-McGregor fight next month. So maybe you can go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public?


Open note to @IvankaTrump When observing Shabbat, maybe one Friday night you could take dad’s phone with you? Asking for a tired country.

Plenty of angry tweets today from @realDonaldTrump. Suppose it’s just coincidence that rain in DC is probably keeping him off golf course.

As Trump attacks the Senate in his latest tweet storm, he does remember they vote on all his Cabinet picks, right?

Kellyanne Conway – “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” As her boss keeps the tweet tantrum going. So can we dub this Presidency “Titanic 2?”


Does anyone think that if @HillaryClinton had barely won she’d be spending any time obsessing about @realDonaldTrump and the election?


Trump on North Korea – “China could easily solve this problem!” Who knew foreign relations could be so complicated?

Fired Chief of Staff Reince Preibus said John Kelly is a “brilliant” pick. Now, guessing Preibus hasn’t read Voltaire. But wonder if he meant to say “the best of all possible picks.”

Got to love airlines. Arrive in Denver early to see a delayed United flight leaving half an hour earlier than my ticketed flight. But no chance to standby because of having a checked bag. No worries. Then land at SFO and get an email. “Your bag has arrived on an earlier flight. Please see a customer service agent.”

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