Not so fabulous

A travel ban over LGBT rights could affect California teams traveling to play colleges in eight states, especially in football. Now this could actually result in real change. What horror if the Alabama Crimson Tide couldn’t fatten up their record against teams like Fresno State.


Florida vs LSU for the College World Series title. Or did they schedule an SEC pre-season football game and not tell us?


#SFGiants advertising July 9 “Slumber Party on the Field” for fans. Alas team has been having slumber party on field all season.

They’d never remake Bull Durham with 2017 SF Giants Triple-A team. Anyone half-way  decent would be called up to the show mid-movie.

Losing Madison Bumgarner to a dirt bike injury certainly didn’t help the SF Giants this season. But pitchers don’t need to be dare-devils to end up on the DL. Rangers’ starter Martin Perez is on the DL with a broken fingertip after a “hotel door accident.” (Yes, he’s a lefty…. Paging Jeremy Affleldt.)

So did they schedule a preseason Redskins Browns game in DC and not warn us? #Nationals #Reds

(18-3 Washington was the final over Cincinnati.)

Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, upset about Johnny Depp’s (admittedly stupid) assassination joke. “Let’s be very clear: this has never happened in this capacity to any other president.”
Time for a new hashtag. #nopunchlineneeded

Mike Pence says that he & Trump support GOP version of Trumpcare. How long will ir be until either of them might actually read the bill?

If the Trumpcare/ GOP Healthcare bill is so good  why does #AmericaFirstPolicies,  a pro-Trump PAC, need to spend seriously big money on Twitter to pressure GOP Senator Heller to vote for it?

(the promoted hashtag, #Hellervoteyes)


If Trump DID “stand in middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone” not only would he not lose some voters, he and they would blame Obama.



An American tourist is in serious condition after being shot during a robbery in Turks and Caicos. Horrible thing to happen on vacation, but have to wonder why this is big time news. Easier to be randomly shot back here in the good old US of A.

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