The new normal?

Could be worse, in England soccer teams who do as badly as #SFGiants are doing this year get dropped down to equivalent of Triple-A.


-Just got a Facebook ad for SF Giants fidget spinners… . Sorry, Giants fans need a lot more than a fidget spinner to reduce stress in 2017.

#SFGiants had to play late night game in Atlanta, flew home to arrive after sunrise, played Mets Friday night.  So much for the zombie strategy.


Reality star Savannah Chrisley (who?) said on Instagram that she’s dating Luke Kennard, who was just drafted by the Detroit Pistons. Well, and dating reality stars has worked out so well for NBA players with the Kardashians.


Markelle Fultz, Philadelphia’s #1 draft pick, said he thinks the 76ers are now a playoff team. Well, in the Eastern Conference, all they need is to win about 30-40 of 82 games.

Three teenagers were handcuffed yesterday in DC by plainclothes police for selling bottled water without permits on the National Mall. Don’t think we have to guess their race. No charges were ultimately filed, but supposed the kids should be grateful they weren’t shot.

A woman complained on Yelp that that she found a dead frog in her salad at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in West Covina, California. Good thing she wasn’t in San Francisco. For the frog they’d have charged extra.


A Florida college student accused of stabbing a couple to death last year says he wants to “be a normal kid again.” The young man, then 19, not only killed them, he attacked a neighbor who tried to help, and chewed on one victim’s face. I believe that “normal” ship has sailed.

Week after the Virginia shooting,  Johnny Depp joked about assassinating Trump. And we thought his stupidest idea ever was making “Pirates of the Caribbean 5.”

Friday was #BringYourDogToWorkDay. GOP senators don’t need to do that, they already have the Trumpcare bill.

Trump said repeatedly “we’ll have to see,” about potentially firing Mueller. Translation “if he gets close to an indictment.”


-At his Iowa rally this week, Trump received cheers when he called for a new law barring immigrants from receiving welfare for at least five years. Okay, but Bill Clinton signed a law doing exactly that in 1996.
How long until Trump claims credit for the Civil Rights act? Or Social Security?



Open question to working class @realdonaldTrump voters – can you name 1 thing he’s done as President that actually benefits you?

Trump said he lied about tapes to keep Comey honest – Uh, that means everything the former FBI director said was true. #wtf?


From TC:    Trump took credit this week for building Panama Canal, which occurred over 100 years ago. If nobody challenges him then next week… Great Wall of China?

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