Living on a prayer…

Pope Francis met with a NFL Hall-of-Fame delegation that included Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. Did his Holiness thank Jones for all the years Tony Romo had fans on their knees praying?

Dwyane Wade will pick up $23.8 million player option for 2017-8. Asked why? “24 million reasons.” Who says there’s no honesty in sports?

In Colorado, the fine for texting while while driving has increased from $50 to $300.” But the fine does not apply if texting isn’t done in a “careless or imprudent manner.”
Uh, does anyone who texts and drives think they are being careless or imprudent? #nottheonion



JetBlue is testing facial recognition software to replace boarding passes. Sounds interesting, but what are they going to do in Los Angeles where faces are regularly surgically altered?

One problem for Dems with GA-06 is that race was treated like a possible slam dunk when it was always a half-court shot.

A friend points out that Jon Ossoff looks like a guy who doesn’t know what pimento cheese is….



Trump today, attacking Obama for not doing enough in North Korea. “Look at Otto, beautiful Otto. Went over there a healthy, beautiful boy.”.
Fair enough, but Portland hero and stabbing victim Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, was a healthy beautiful boy too.

Uh-oh, terror subject at Flint Airport is from Quebec. Time to put Canada on the travel ban list?

As more and more allegations and rumors swirl around the White House, good to see the State Dept finally opening a formal investigation… into Hillary’s emails again? #WTF?

Today is #NationalSelfieDay And millennials are going “Isn’t every day National Selfie Day?

Jared Kushner arrived in the Middle East today trying to restart talks between Israel and Palestine. He will return home tomorrow.. Well, sure, Mideast shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

Home Depot being sued for selling 3 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ lumber as 4” x 4″s. Maybe they figure, well, male buyers always overestimate inches.

Leaked copy of Senate #Trumpcare bill plans to eliminate #PlannedParenthood funding So more unwanted pregnancies & abortions. #prolifemyass

So what exactly does a police officer have to do to be convicted of manslaughter in fatally shooting a black man?


An Alabama couple was arrested when they brought their baby to an Indiana bar – and mom was drinking and smoking while breastfeeding. The best part, the woman’s occupation is life coach. Your move, Florida.

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One Comment on “Living on a prayer…”

  1. Neal Says:

    In the 2017 Congressional Women’s Softball Game the D.C. Press Corps (The Bad News Babes) prevailed over the Members of Congress team 2-1.

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