Worse and worser.

Just when watching the SF Giants was beginning to be the classic definition of insanity…. an actual win.    And there’s good news on the horizon for the team when they return home -also known as the NY Mets.

Cavs fire GM.    If this is how dysfunctional the  team is  WITH Lebron & with a good team, imagine the franchise if  King James leaves Cleveland.

All this drama with Cavs in Cleveland. If Lebron wants a peaceful life thinking Gregg Popovich might take his call.


GOP is having a contest where winner will dine with Trump in DC this month. Runner-up is Melania who gets the night off.

Think we can all agree the guy in Brussels was the best kind of suicide bomber – the kind who only gets himself killed.


So can anyone from the NRA tell me how Philando Castile’s having a gun made him safer?


#TravisKalanick has resigned as CEO of Uber. Wow. What’s next? A position with Fox News or the Trump Administration?

Let me get this straight,  Steve Bannon, who works for Donald Trump, is fat-shaming Sean Spicer. Talk about fat round pots and kettles….

Warner Bros says that they investigated “Bachelor in Paradise” when an “female cast member” was allegedly too drunk to consent to a sexual act with a “male cast member” and the findings did “not support any charge of misconduct.”
Translation, all our hookups are consensual. Please watch. Ratings! $$$$

Trump – #OttoWarmbier “should have been brought home that day.” So what about 3 Americans Reuters says are still detained in North Korea.

Six members of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS have resigned. One member said in an Newsweek op-ed that the “president simply does not care.”
Wrong, the President does care. It’s just that he only cares about himself.


Those moments you remember why John McCain used to be every moderate and liberal’s favorite Republican: Bloomberg reports he was asked today if he has seen a copy of Trumpcare legislation. He said no and “Nor have I met any American that has. I’m sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of i

So in the end, Handel beat Ossoff by about 52% to 48% in one of the more expensive races in history. But then look at a very conservative district in South Carolina, where comparatively little was spent. Maybe the real lesson is people are tired of too many ads and too much outside $$$ in local races.

Ralph Norman Republican 44,889 51.1%
Archie Parnell Democrat 42,053 47.9

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One Comment on “Worse and worser.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    GOP is having a contest where winner will dine with Trump in DC this month.

    Waiter, there’s a hairpiece in my soup!

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