Flying the flag

Lots of fans in blue in bleachers tonight at #ATTPark. Can’t be real #Dodgers fans though, they were there in first inning. SFGiants

The Dodgers fan group actually brought a large LA banner they’ve been displaying out in center-field. Seems to have inspired Giants offense.

Don’t recognize this 2017 SF Giants team lately. Many of them including Bochy have been actually smiling.

#A‘s put out an upper-deck seat deal $19.99 for all games in a MONTH.    If #SFGiants hadn’t started playing better they might’ve have had to pay more.

Lane Kiffin offered a scholarship to Kaden Martin, son of USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin. Kaden is 13 years old. Shocking. Nick Saban didn’t get to him first?

Some controversy this morning because Kris Jenner posted a Mother’s Day picture of her entire family but included her late husband Robert and air-brushed or deleted Bruce-Caitlyn out. Ah for the days that the Kardashians were the most outrageous regular stories on social media.

Next year @Cavs will have a Goodyear logo on their uniform. So over-under on when #NBA uniforms will start looking like #NASCAR?

Can argue whether or not the  Zaza play that took out Leonard was dirty, and whther or not if Spurs would win even 1 more game regardless, but to hear that Warriors would have made up that  23 point mid-third quarter deficit even with  Kawhi in the game?  WTF?

Have to figure a lot of folks hope @Spurs win at least a couple games vs @Warriors just to hear Popovich keep talking about Trump.

Some complaining that ABC canceled TimAllen’s comedy “Last Man Standing” not because of the show’s ratings drop last season, but because Tim Allen is a Republican.
Uh, does ANYONE in this country seriously think the networks these days would cancel ANY show with good ratings? #followthemoney

“At long last have you left no sense of decency? Guess we know the answer to that question for some in GOP:
Idaho Sen. James Risch, defending Trump on alleged leak of highly classified information to Russia :”The minute the President speaks about it to someone, he has the ability to declassify anything at any time without any process.”

The latest Trump-Russia story on leaking intelligence almost makes the Valerie Plame story seem quaint.

Hackers reportedly are claiming access to an unreleased Disney movie and are promising to release it in sections if they don’t get paid ransom. Might have been more lucrative had they first hacked “King Arthur – Legend of the Sword” and tried to get Warner Bros to pay them to destroy it.

At what point does FBI or U.S. intelligence set a canary trap for Trump?

Right about now figure Trump really has to be tempted to shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. He’s gotten away with everything else.

When do GOP’s in House decide “enough is enough” & respond to latest Trump-Russia story by opening new investigation into Hillary’s emails?

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