Baby steps and mis-steps?


With a win today, SF Giants have climbed out of NLWest cellar. #smallmercies #onegameatatime

So who picked Zaza Pachulia to be the Warriors MVP in game 1?

Happy I guess for Warriors fan friends. But calling it gritty comeback vs Spurs does miss point by a foot. Or rather an ankle.

Just guessing if Zaza had any plans to tour the Alamo on vacation he might want to wait a little while.


Lebron was a Hillary supporter, Steve Kerr has made it clear he isn’t fond of our President.  And then there was Popovich today pre-game, asked if he ever gets distracted from the game by concern for the world ”

“Absolutely.  It’s interesting that you would ask that, because usually things happen in the world and you go to work and you’ve got your family and you’ve got your friends and you do what you do, but to this day, I feel like there’s a cloud, a pall over the whole country in a paranoid, surreal sort of way.

“It has nothing to do with the Democrats losing the election,   It’s got to do with the way one individual conducts himself. And that’s embarrassing, it’s dangerous to our institutions and what we all stand for and what we expect the country to be. But for this individual, he’s in a game show, and everything that happens begins and ends with him, not our people and our country. Every time he talks about those things, that’s just a ruse. That’s just disingenuous, cynical and fake.”

Thinking with last playoff teams standing, likely to be a very good chance NBA champions’ visit to White House not happening this year

No tweets from @realDonaldTrump on #SNL last night. For #MothersDay did Ivanka tell her kids to grab & hide grandad’s cellphone?

GOP might want #MerrickGarland as #FBIDirector? #WTF? Presume just so they can slam Russia investigation as a Democratic witch hunt.

(though other friends point out this also takes Garland off his lifetime appointment on the court of appeals.)

Does it really matter if @realDonaldTrump taped conversations. “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying ears?”


Paul Ryan posted a “Happy Mother’s Day” message, with a picture of his mom and saying ” To all moms who do whatever it takes”    He might have added  ‘And because moms have superpowers, I’m going to see how they make it work without healthcare for maternity and pre-existing conditions.

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2 Comments on “Baby steps and mis-steps?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Why didn’t DJ take the Ruskies to “Mar-a-LEGGO of classified info”? No witnesses if you keep the caddies out of earshot.

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