Opening weak.

One week, and 5-6  games into the MLB season,  there are no teams without a win.   The Cleveland Browns and SF 49er are thinking, “amateurs.’

Well, on a brighter note for  SF Giants fans, after the 1st week of season team  has the same number of wins as the Yankees.

On another brighter note for SF Giants fans bullpen didn’t blow another lead tonight. #smallmercies

Not saying #SFGiants should considering signing Tim Tebow. But he has same # of hits as their 2017 left fielders. And prayer can’t hurt.

All these measures to speed up the game and draw more fans.  Uh, it was the first Saturday of the MLB season & not a single game on national network TV. @CBS @NBC @ABC @FOX

Going into tonight, well, it could be worse. SF Giants pitchers have the highest ERA in baseball so far, at just under 7. But Jeremy Guthrie started today for the Nationals and gave up 10 runs in the first. #wannagetaway?

ESPN reports Dallas Mavericks will honor Tony Romo at their home finale Tuesday by making him “a Maverick for a day,” Nice gesture, and at least the Mavs don’t have any of that playoff pressure.

Google being investigated for allegedly paying women less than men for same work. The company didn’t think workers could google salaries?

Trump tweeted Saturday morning “Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack.”
Well, at least he didn’t tweet out “Mission Accomplished.”

Trump has declared April 9, “National Prisoner of War Day.” Not that he likes any of those honorees, bcause they were, you know, captured.

So in the midst of all this craziness anyone but me notice we haven’t heard anything from Sarah Palin lately?

30 triathletes suffered symptoms of hypothermia and 1 was hospitalized after they swam in 37 degree Lake Berryessa in Napa Valley this morning before biking. And millions of American couch potatoes will read this story and go “See!”

One person killed and two others wounded in a shooting at a fancy Coral Gables mall today. Apparently not “terrorism” but a disgruntled former employee with a gun. Move along, nothing to see here.

Should we really be surprised JJared Kushner is now such a close advisor to the President. It’s closest Trump can get to dating his daughter.

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One Comment on “Opening weak.”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    The Phillies / Nationals game last night got out of hand quickly, which meant the announcers had a lot of time to fill. John Kruk won the night when the Phillies’ 260-lb catcher Cameron Rupp came to the plate in the seventh. Kruk remarked that “it’s too bad he only has 4 letters in his last name. You could fit Saltalamacchia on a back that size and still have room left over.”

    This goes in “Jokes about Large Baseball Players” folder, right next to “Pitching to Steve Balboni is like pitching to a condominium.”

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