Drawing lines.

SF 49ers released CB Tramaine Brock after his arrest on domestic violence charges. Too soon to start a pool on which team desperate at the cornerback position will decide Brock deserves a 2nd chance?

Friday night after  a Tiger-free tournament in Augusta. Anyone know who’s leading the Masters?  Yeah, me neither.


2 home runs in a game?  Who does #BrandonBelt think he is? #MadisonBumgarner? #SFGiants

Can someone connected with the #SFGiants bullpen put in an emergency call to Annie Savoy. #BullDurham

Is there a record for number of lost leads by a team in a single season? Asking for Orange and Black friends. #SFGiants

I miss the days when the biggest story of the morning in the US  would have been #AaronRodgers and #OliviaMunn breaking up.

An employee of the National Firearms Museum in Virginia, which is run by the NRA, was injured on the job Friday. He was taking part in firearms traning and accidentally shot himself.

Mean bitch karma and her friend irony for the win.

A woman at Disney World was arrested and charged with child abus after she allegedly choked a teenage girl who she said was blocking her view of Magic Kingdom fireworks. Back on your game, Florida. #ifonlyshewasarmed

#BrianWilliams described Syrian missile strikes as beautiful. Well, no doubt because he was so proud of building & launching them himself.


Reports are that Bannon has been trying to insult Jared Kushner by calling him a “Democrat.” And Dems are going, “Wait, we don’t want him either.”

USA Today heading “Big jobs miss: Employers add disappointing 98,000 jobs in March” Somehow missed the Trump tweet taking credit.



Report from KGW in Portland says that 858 TSA airport screeners tested positive for drugs or alcohol between 2010 and 2016. Makes a certain amount of sense, hard to imagine doing that job day in and day sober.

Bus to hell time. A dismembered body was reportedly found inside a San Bruno home. “The San Bruno Police Department is investigating this incident as a homicide.”
Just guessing it wasn’t a suicide.

So what if costs to taxpayers are $2.5 mill a weekend at Mar-A-Lago. Not as if any Trump donors are profiting from it….


Headline in the British #Guardian: “White House has no clear plan for next steps in Syria after missile strike.” You had me with 1st five words.

Look, I don’t pretend that I know the answers in Syria. It’s a mess. But hope anyone supporting the idea of war is either ready to go fight in one, or send their children/grandchildren.

And heck, Donald Trump has fired more missiles into Syria than he has accepted Syrian refugee children.




A Canadian comment from T.C.  “Donald J. has removed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. This is to make room for 11 year old Barron Trump to take over the position as soon as his school year in New York finishes in June.”

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