More madness.


Normally when #FloridaState‘s athletic program is this embarrassed, the police are involved.

California teams doing surprisingly well in NCAA tournament.  Will Trump accuse refs of fake scoring?


NCAA admits missing goaltending against Gonzaga, leading to Northwestern technical. 4 pt swing in 79-32 game. What about electoral college?

But of course, with calls against Northwestern, figure the NCAA may pay for it in future decisions involving alumni law school graduates.

Two Jupiter police sergeants, Amy Walling and Sgt. Jason VanSteenburgh, were fired for having sex with each other while they were on duty and he apparently sexted her a partially nude picture while wearing his uniform. Back on your game, Florida

rrassed, the police are involved. #marchmadness

Ah for the days when the worst embarassment Americans had with their President and Angela Merkel was a quick back rub.

Dorothy Parker used to open door and ask “What fresh hell could this be?” Now millions of Americans feel the same about Trump’s twitter feed

The Secret Service tonight stopped a man trying to climb over the White House fence who claimed he wanted to give a letter to the President. Well, the guy was clearly crazy. What sane person would think Trump stays in Washington for the weekend?

Sad. #ChuckBerry, 90, has passed away. Can we blame Trump?

Reports are that when he was fired, after being first asked to stay on by Trump, Preet Bharara was investigating Tom Price’s trading of health care stocks while he was involved in health care legislation in the House – a total of over $300,000 in shares.
I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Yeah, we’re  definitely in an alternative universe. China now urging United States to remain “coolheaded” over North Korea



Donna Brazile just admitted that she tipped off the Clinton campaign on potential questions about the death penalty at one debate and the Flint, Michigan water crisis. And how would Hillary have ever thunk otherwise that those questions might come up?

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