Amateur hour


29-38 Mavericks vs 24-43 76ers tonight. Talk about ratings disaster. Fans of amateur basketball have so many other #marchmadness options.

SMU blew a 10 point lead with 11 minutes to play to lose to USC, who had already survived a play-in game. Normally for this much embarrassment, SMU relies on their football team.

Michigan not making friends in Las Vegas. They won 92-91 over Oklahoma State. But the Cowboys’ buzzer beater 3 point shot meant the Wolverines didn’t cover the 2.5 point spread. The horror.

Pregnant client landing in London was asked by customs both when she was due, and if the baby was insured. Expecting US Trumpcare refugees?

So in honor of #StPatricksDay wonder why Trump didn’t order ICE to round up and deport some Irish illegals?

We weren’t supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton since she didn’t have enough stamina for the job? She never came home early as Secretary of State.

So now Trump is tweeting against North Korea, and Tillerson is saying a pre-emptive strike is possible. What could possibly go wrong?

So who had England in Trump insult bingo?

Sean Spicer “We are sorry.” You can say that again.

The Hill reports GOP-led House today passed a bill allowing VA employees to be fired more quickly “if they are found to be incompetent or engaging in wrongdoing.”
Damn, can we have legislation like that for members of Congress? And the executive branch? #wecandream


Trump ignored Angela Merkel’s request today for handshake during White House photo op. Assuming because she has bigger hands than he does.

Rick Santorum, on Trumps wire tap allegations “We’re not in an election anymore, who he’s hurting is not a rival, he’s hurting himself.”
Another incredible Trump accomplishment.- turning Rick Santorum into a voice of reason.

After Britain demanded an apology for Sean Spicer’s claim they had colluded with Obama to wiretap Trump Tower, Trump today responded “You shouldn’t be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox,.” Uh, is there any difference?



From T.C.  “The new Disney film Beauty and the Beast has been banned in places like Alabama and Malaysia due to one of its characters being gay. But Donald Duck can run around  “commando”, and also not wear any pants at all; without controversy. “


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