Boxed out

Happy boxing day. To those who observe. And to those who don’t. Happy after-Christmas sale day.

So at the malls are the Valentine’s Day decorations up yet?

Steve Kerr last night after #Warriors loss to #Cavs – Curry “could make better decisions.” @NBA version of #Firstworldproblems

Defensive tackle Dontari Poe just threw a TD pass last night for the Chiefs.  No it’s not just that you’ve had too much eggnog. #DENvsKC


You know 2016 has been a long year when you wake up and are just glad not to see yet another headline about somebody dying.

Oops, Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted out “Do u really want to hurt me? I guess you do 2016 – #ripboygeorge” Guess these 50 something English white boy rockers all look alike?

The Cavs’ Richard Jefferson got a technical foul yesterday for winking at the Warriors’ Kevin Durant yesterday. Winking?! Even the No Fun League thinks that might be overkill.

President Obama said if “I had run again” he would have beaten Trump. Alas “the devil you know” was not on the ballot.

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