Merry Christmas, on both sides of the pond….

Best wishes to Queen Elizabeth II, who has a bad cold and was unable to make the traditional Christmas morning service near her Sandringham estate, which gives locals a rare glimpse of their Queen. Alas there wasn’t time to call Elton John to substitute.


On a brighter note,  while  we’ve lost so many in 2016. But Keith Richards has announced he is just going to live forever.

The latest RIP is #GeorgeMichael. Never was a huge fan but so ready to be done with 2016. #toomanylosses


Six NBA games on Christmas. Well, at least it makes it easier for players, who don’t have to decide about spending the holiday with which mother of their children.

And the Spurs won. But in  his usual spirit, wonder how tempted Gregg Popovich was to give half his team the day off? #Bulls #Spurs #SpursXmas


Weird Christmas good news. Residents of city of Augsburg, near Munich, were able to return to their homes on Christmas night at 7p after being evacuated at 10a so experts could defuse a bomb.
Sign of the times we live in? Well, not exactly; the bomb was from World War II.

So now we are FINALLY done with the “last chance for Christmas” marketing emails.  The post-Christmas sales start tonight.

In all seriousness for a change, hope all my friends and readers have had a merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. One of the things I most celebrate this year is friendship, and connecting with people of all kinds of different views. If you are reading this,  you probably agree with me on some things, and disagree on others. And you probably think sometimes that I am crazy.  But I value you all and am grateful you take the time to read and interact.

And oh yeah, happy humbug from Xena, aka the Voodoo Cat

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3 Comments on “Merry Christmas, on both sides of the pond….”

  1. The Commissioner Says:

    Nothing wrong with that cat, that your local coyote won’t fix!

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