Surely you can’t be World Serious?

This post got drafted two weeks ago and not posted.  So it’s out of order.  Blame Obama.



So the #WorldSeries winner in 2016 will be a team that hasn’t won in my lifetime. #Cubs #Indians


Cleveland Indians really cannot catch a break. They are four wins away from their 1st World Series title in 68 years. And they still aren’t the lovable underdogs.

So in the end what was the difference between the 2016 #SFGiants and 2016 #LADodgers? A little more than a week.


Clayton #Kershaw may be the “best pitcher in baseball.” But he’s no #Madbum.

My friend Michael points out . “This is the first Cubs team to play a World Series with people of color on their roster.”. #AboutDamnTime

Heck, even the billy goat was probably white.

#Stanford on reunion weekend reminded many of us why we used to be consider football games to be all about tailgates and band halftime show

That moment when Stanford’s offense makes you nostalgic for the #SFGiants second half offense…. #allaboutthetailgatinganyway #drinkup

Texas Tech lost to Oklahoma 66-59 win Saturday night despite QB Patrick Hahomes II tying the FBS record with 734 yards. 734 yards in a loss… who does Hahomes think he is, Drew Brees?

Donald Trump talking about women who have accused him of sexual assault: “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.” And some, especially men, still wonder why these women didn’t come forward at the time

Trump says something nasty off-mic and he’s a “ordinary American.” Hillary or her staffers say something, and they are evil. Got it. #sarcasm

Donald Trump Jr. on his dad’s leaked comments. “I think we probably all know guys who have had conversations with other guys that go a little bit in that direction, that’s a fact of life. I think he’s able to relate to ordinary Americans because in many cases he is still very much like that. He does do that. He hasn’t spent his whole life sitting there polishing every statement he’s ever made, every conversation he’s ever had.”
Makes you kind of long for those innocent days when George W. Bush was just the man you wanted to have a beer with.


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