Way back.

This weekend we turn back the clocks 60 minutes. And next Tuesday #Trump #Pence try to turn the clock back 60 years. #ImWithHer


While they may not be a great team @Lakers without #KobeBryant are actually fun to watch again.


On Wednesday night, the Cubs’, David Ross became the oldest man ever to hit a home run in a World Series game 7. His reported words rounding the bases “You punks get off my plate.”

No 3:00am tweet from @realDonaldTrump today, in fact nothing between about 7p & 7a PST. Maybe election taking toll on his health. #stamina?

A new poll says that 40% of Millennials worry the election is rigged. And this is the generation that sexts and puts all of their personal lives online?

#RudyGiuliani laughed about #FBI leaks. “Darn right I heard about it.” Now denies it. Just found out being tipped would have been a crime?

#RememberWhenTrump, for most Americans was just a name on some casinos and a gaudy 5th Avenue Tower?

Harvard has cancelled the remainder of the 2016 men’s soccer season, over the discovery of “scouting reports,” dating from 2012, which ranked players on the women’s team on their looks and sex appeal with”the lewdest of terms.”
Okay, I get it, men can be pigs. But aren’t they being punished now not so much for their attitude and comments, but for being stupid enough to write this stuff down?

Fox News’s Bret Baier apologized today for saying Wednesday five foreign intelligence agencies had hacked Hillary’s email server, and that she faces a “likely” indictment over the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
Beier admitted the email alllegations came from a “single, anonymous source.” And that saying “likely” was a “mistake.”
Well, I’m sure all conservative websites will issue retractions immediately….

Chris Christie’s former aides were found guilty on all counts in their Bridgegate trial. Time for the FBI to announce there must be a connection to Hillary Clinton?

My friend Marc Ragovin  “Breaking news, Jim Comey has just announced the FBI is investigating allegations that HRC once drove across the GWB bridge.”

Just a thought for Hillary haters, many who don’t really love Trump either. Some insist Clinton’s health isn’t good enough to make it through a term, or that revelations over emails etc will mean she will be indicted and have to step down.
If they are right….then a vote for Hillary is a vote for Tim Kaine, who has the reputation of a reasonable man, especially compared to the Donald.. So what’s the problem?

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