Taking swings

Madbum wants to be in the Home Run Derby, Then Jake Arrieta says “If he’s in it, I want to be in it.” And now Adam Wainwright wants in too. So admit it, we’re all really waiting now for Bartolo Colon.


Former Giants and currently Indians third baseman Juan Uribe left the game on a cart yesterday after a ground ball gave him a “testicular contusion.” Women are thinking “That sounds painful.” Men are thinking, well, they don’t even want to think about it.

Not sure how many games this ‪#‎NBAFinals‬ will go. But are ANY of them going to be close?

Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said his Super Bowl ring had the wrong name on it. Oops, if they were going to forgot a name it should have been Denver’s offensive coordinator. Does Denver HAVE an offensive coordinator.

Airport security guy at Heathrow asks me about U.S. election. Says he hopes HIllary will win. Because Trump is crazy and because “Hillary will have Bill to help her run things.” ‪#‎thetimestheyareachangin‬ ‪#‎sortof‬

Donald Trump, lowering the facts bar again in yet another inflammatory speech post ‪#‎Orlando‬. “Remember this, radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti- American.” And many of Trump’s supporters are now thinking “well, they’re  actually right two out of three.”

Trump is calling again for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. So considering the Orlando killer was American born is the Donald proposing this ban to be in utero?

“Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the tragedy began unfolding at 2:02 a.m., when three police officers engaged the suspect in a gun battle outside the club.” So even THREE good guys with a gun couldn’t stop this a**hole. ‪#‎moregunsnottheanswer‬

Islamic State radio today called the U.S. born killer “one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America.” In some ways though it doesn’t matter, if the shooting was mostly about ISIL, or hatred of gays, or if he was just a nasty unstable man (his ex-wife said he beat her.) ISIL still has limited power in the U.S…. unless they can help ignite a race-religion war.

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3 Comments on “Taking swings”

  1. Neal Says:

    Timmy is back! Probable starter Saturday for Angels.

  2. My husband had a cancerous testicle removed and he doesn’t want to think about “testicular contusions” either.

    Oh, and did you see the quote from Uribe where he said he doesn’t wear a cup because “I don’t think the trainer has my size”? To paraphrase Goldilocks, is the cup too big, too small, but not juuuuust right? 😉

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