How many more?

Would sure be nice to wake up the morning and have the headlines  and controversy be back to Draymond Green’s suspension for his crotch hit to Lebron James. #Orlando


Would love to think ‪#‎Orlando‬ might actually result in changes in gun laws. But if 20 dead little children don’t matter, hard to imagine 50 plus gay nightclub goers will make a difference. ‪#‎whenwillweeverlearn‬

Clay Aiken tweeted out, this, which is sad but true  ” A gay man who survived hate crime can STILL show up to work in FL tomorrow and have his boss fire him simply because he is gay.”

So why is it so easy for some in the GOP to instantly say “Islamic terrorist” and so hard to say “gay victims?”

Wow. Trump’s tweet in response to the Orlando shootings: “Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?
Uh, tough and smart about gun control? Vigilant about people who are hateful? Is that what you mean, sir?

We all want news on ‪#‎Orlando‬. Understandable. But can media stop mentioning this asshole’s name & showing his picture? ‪#‎nomorefame‬


Meanwhile, a man was caught in Santa Monica with three assault rifles, along with explosives, saying he wanted to “harm people” at the Gay Pride Parade.  He is a young Caucasian guy from Indiana.  So that doesn’t count, right?

And since if we stop laughing the bad guys win: the Los Angeles Lakers said they have eliminated Magic Johnson’s honorary title of vice president, to “clarify confusion about his involvement with the club.” Translation, while Magic is okay with owning the Dodgers, he draws the line at an association with a semi-pro team.


Ben Roethlisberger says reports are wrong and he will not endorse Donald Trump. So taking underage girls into bathrooms for what he said was consensual sex is okay, but good to know Big Ben has some standards.


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Kevin Durant, If he “thinks about leaving, which I hope he doesn’t — Oklahoma loves Kevin Durant, and Kevin Durant loves Oklahoma. But if he’ll stay, I’ll make him a Cabinet person for health and fitness on my Cabinet.”
Uh, did Fallin ask if Durant has any deal-breaking history or beliefs because she made that promise – like being a Democrat?


Big night for ‪#‎Hamilton‬ at the ‪#‎TonyAwards‬. Let’s hope this doesn’t make tickets too hard to get.



Congrats to the ‪#‎Penguins‬, sad for the ‪#‎Sharks‬. Once again, San Jose suffers with home ice disadvantage. ‪#‎StanleyCup‬

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