Out of range?


So will Stephen Curry someday be responsible for the ‪#‎NBA‬ three-point line being moved back to half court?

The Golden State Warriors clinched a playoff berth tonight. But really, didn’t we know about 12 of the 16 playoff teams about a month into the season?

Jim ‪#‎Harbaugh‬ will be 1st base coach for ‪#‎Tigers‬ during spring training. Has someone told ‪#‎Michigan‬ football coach you don’t tackle runners?

The Uber driver who is the alleged Kalamazoo killer has been married for 21 years. Yesterday his wife filed for divorce, citing “breakdown in the marriage.” ‪#‎understatementoftheyear‬?


One rumor is that Jon Stewart quit the Daily Show because he was tired of the “same old same old” with politics… ‪#‎2016notexactly‬

Donald Trump says if elected President he will “open up our libel laws’’ and make the media pay a hefty price for writing “hit’’ pieces. Yep, just another Republican who skipped to the 2nd amendment without reading the 1st.

Warren Buffet today says the U.S. economy is in better shape than the presidential candidates make it seem. Waiting for Trump to chime in with “what does he know?”

Several media outlets are speculating that the only chance for establishment Republicans to stop a Trump win will be the March 15 primary in Florida; And somewhere Al Gore is just giggling.

And okay, regardless of party.  Does anyone really think that if there was anything incendiary in Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches they wouldn’t have been leaked by now?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton wins  ‪#‎SouthCarolina‬. And another state slips back into irrelevancy for four years.

Hard to believe for young people but there was a time that “moderate Republican” was not an oxymoron.

Joe Biden today talking about meeting Jerry Brown in 1974 and now as Governor. Says his children and grandchildren are looking forward to voting for Jerry in 2030. (So at that point will Tim Duncan be relegated to a few minutes  coming off the bench?)

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3 Comments on “Out of range?”

  1. Billy Says:

    I just realized. I wouldn’t know Chris Christie if he could walk through my doorway?

  2. Dennis Mar Says:

    I can’t wait for Trump to reflexively call Warrne Buffet “a loser.” 🙂

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