All about growth?

A new UCLA study says that 54 million Americans whose BMI says they are overweight or obese are actually healthy. Well, that calls for a cookie.


Roger Goodell, defending football despite seven high school players dying this season said “There’s risk in life. There’s risk in sitting on the couch.” Wow, so must be a tough crowd around the potato chip bowl at Goodell’s house.


Louisville has self-imposed a one year postseason ban on their men’s basketball team over their recruiting scandal involving prostitutes and strippers. Coach Rick Pitino called the news “a complete shock.” What, he was expecting 2-4 years?

An Iowa state senator has introduced a bill that would prohibit three state universities from cooperating with Stanford University until Stanford publicly apologizes for the band’s “unsporting behavior” during halftime of the Rose Bowl. Wow. And we thought in Iowa that Trump was a sore loser.

The latest winter storm apparently grounded Donald Trump’s airplane and caused him to miss a postpone a New Hampshire rally. So maybe Mother Nature is a fan of Megyn Kelly?

Brett Favre said he “would never bet against Peyton Manning”‘ in a Super Bowl. Well, until Brett changes his mind tomorrow.

If it’s just about Megyn Kelly and nothing sexist, maybe as an alternative Trump would agree to participate in a debate moderated by Rachel Maddow?

No Bill Clinton at last night’s debate. Well, it is Super Bowl week. Wonder if he volunteered personally to oversee the San Francisco prostitution task force?

Some complained that the scheduled 90 minute Democratic debate went a little over two hours. Well, at least Biden decided not to run. If he had they might still be going.

So now it appears that staffers for Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell sent classified information from non-work accounts. Ah, but those who might make something of it have forgotten the cardinal rule IOKIYR.

So Bernie and Hillary argued tonight on which of them is the most “progressive.” Does that mean the GOP candidates are arguing over who is the most “regressive?”


U.S. unemployment has fallen to 4.9%, the lowest in 8 years. ‪#‎IblameObama‬

Barbara Bush said she’s “sick of Trump.” As are many Americans. But apparently we’re sick of Bushes too.

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