Doing the math

The SF 49ers have given Chip Kelly a 4-year, $24 million contract. So that likely works out to about $12 million a year.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher, on the team’s move to Los Angeles, acknowledged  the “great fan base” they are leaving, and said he hopes they will continue because “once you’re a Rams fan, you’re always a Rams fan.”
Right, like those whose spouses leave for what they perceive is a better offer still remain loyal to their ex’s.  #SMH



Due to a dispute where the outgoing Yosemite concessionaire claims they own the names and want $51 million for them, the park’s hotels names are at least temporarily changing- for starters, the Ahwahnee Hotel is becoming the “Majestic Yosemite Hotel?”
Forget banks and airlines, now this is corporate greed that really may get Americans out with their pitchforks.


A Tennessee woman who with her husband won $528 million on Powerball, took the day off to appear the “Today” show, but told her boss she’d be at work Monday. She did, not, however, mention Tuesday..


So do we blame the stock market drop on Obama. Or the fact that the market realized that one of the people on last night’s stage has a chance of being President?

A woman who claimed to have spent all her money on Powerball tickets set up a GoFundMe page for donations from the public. Maybe she’d have gotten more sympathy these days if she said she put all her money in the stock market.

Ted Cruz criticized Donald Trump for “New York Values.” Now, heaven knows I am not fond of Trump. But going directly after “New York Values?” Could there be a town to pick a fight with where more people in America still buy “ink by the barrel?”


Scary situation with many people killed and some potential hostages in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Of course most Americans would be a lot more concerned if they had ever heard of Ouagadougou or Burkino Faso.



From my funny Canadian friend  T.C.  on Congress abolishing a bill that would reveal the source of meats sold in the U.S.  “Shortly afterwards, Taco Bell executives were seen high-fiving.”

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