Musical clipboards.

So the 49ers have hired Chip Kelly as their next coach. Well, with Oregon Kelly does have experience dealing successfully with an amateur operation


ESPN is reporting that Tom Coughlin is withdrawing his name from consideration to coach the Eagles. Because, at 70, thinking he has 2-3 years left, Coughlin wants to win right away. Guess that explains why the former Giants coach won’t be coming to San Francisco either.

So there were, in the end, three Powerball jackpot winners. Which means each ticket will only get $528 million. Oh, the horror.

So now that ‪#‎Powerball‬ jackpot has been won, will average Americans concerned about retirement go back to worrying about Social Security?

Rough week. ‪#‎DavidBowie‬ and ‪#‎AlanRickman‬. I remember a time when I thought 69 was old.

Okay, not a Harry Potter fan, so while I liked Alan Rickman in “Bottle Shock” mostly remember being furious at his character for cheating on the amazing Emma Thompson in “Love Actually.” Perhaps Kenneth Branagh might do well not to miss any checkups.

Meanwhile, A new study at Stanford shows that being too focused on cleaning may be hazardous to our health. Yeah, I’m gonna live forever!

Oscar nominations are out. And here we go again with ‪#‎onlywhiteactingmatters‬


Leaving the race issue aside, also pretty clear with Oscar nominations especially for Best Picture, that ‪#‎onlymaleleadsmatter‬ ‪#‎OscarNoms‬



Jeb Bush has released a new campaign ad in which he calls Donald Trump “a jerk.” Uh, has anyone told Jeb that most of Trump’s supporters KNOW he’s a jerk. For some, that’s why they’re voting for him.




Bus to hell time: René Angélil, Celene Dion’s mentor-manager-husband, has passed away at the age of 73. Wonder what song she’ll sing at his funeral?

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