Not quite bowled over.

Get out the violins. Amongst USA Today’s “Losers” in the last week of the college football season was Illinois, who expected a bowl bid, but due to a variety of other scores look to be left out. The Fighting Illini are 5-7.


So the Fiesta Bowl is now the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl? Say it ain’t so. Now we won’t be able to hear announcers say in the 4th quarter – “This is for all the Tostitos.”

The CFP is fun, but on other hand, the Rose Bowl is now a consolation prize?. ‪#‎Stanford‬ ‪#‎OhioState‬ ‪#‎lawofunintendedconsequences


NY Jets pulled out a win vs the NY Giants today. Can we can we start calling this the “We Suck Less” bowl?

49ers said they are “open” to bringing Colin Kaepernick back in 2016. Right, except that open door might more like a trap door.

Meanwhile, if they gave out a trophy for being the least bad team in the NFC East it would have to be a silver hot potato.



Wrap your head around this as bowl selections are announced: After Alabama, the highest ranked team in the SEC is – 9-3 Ole Miss?! ‪#‎howthemightyhavefallen‬

Big difference between ‪#‎NCAA‬ & ‪#‎NFL‬ football in 2015. College football has more than 4 teams who could actually win a playoff championship.

#‎Stanford‬ has played so many late night games. many  East Coast #‎Heisman‬ voters had to be wondering – so who is this McCaffrey kid?  He’s not bad.  ‪#‎USCvsSTanford‬

Now to be fair, while McCaffrey did catch a pass for a touchdown and actually THREW for a touchdown, it did take until late in the 4th quarter for him get his first rushing touchdown.  So maybe a bit of an off day.  #only461yards

Donald Trump urged his Iowa supporters to do everything they can to get to the caucuses – “Even if you’re not feeling good, if you’re feeling horrible, if you had a horrible fight with your wife or your husband… if you caught your husband cheating the night before, you’ve got to go to the caucus, right? And vice versa.”

So is this what the Donald considers “playing to his base?”

Finally, on a serious note. Some seem very upset over Clinton and Obama  not using the term, “radical Islam,” Now personally, I am one of the least PC liberals I know. But we live in a world that is both very nuanced and fond of simplistic sound bites.
And if anyone says, oh, of course people understand that only a small minority of Muslims are radical. Right, just the same as everyone understands that only a small minority of Planned Parenthood’s health care is abortions, and that payment for fetal issue is a fraction of that. No, I am not equating the two, but I am equating the rhetoric. ‪#‎timetotoneitdown‬

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One Comment on “Not quite bowled over.”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    Hear that sound……hsssssssssssssss. That is the sound of Tom Brady’s ego deflating.

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