The only thing we have to fear?

Avoid crowds. Right. When we are too scared to do things we want to do then the bad guys win. F*ck the terrorists.





Not sure which American tradition better illustrates our love of violence this Thanksgiving weekend – football or Black Friday shopping.

Thought after NFL week 12: Maybe one reason beyond gambling for the popularity of Fan Duel and Draft Kings, is that with at most half a dozen exceptions, fans in most cities are otherwise stuck with just rooting for REALLY mediocre teams.

Houston beat Navy Friday, 52 to 31, in a statement game that supposedly proved the Cougars belong in a major bowl game. Heck, some might say they even would be respectable against a team from the NFC Least.

Today even Cowboys fans will be chanting ‪#‎DallasSucks‬


Cleveland coach Mike Pettine, asked about Johnny Manziel, “When I say I’m sorry to disappoint, I’m not really. But I’m just not going there today.
Making the Browns coach if nothing else, smarter than his erstwhile QB.


Retailers were expecting  disappointing Black Friday receipts this year. And not just in Dallas and Green Bay where fans had money on the Cowboys and Packers


Panthers CB Josh Norman said he”went Dark Knight’ after the Cowboys” Dez Bryant disrespected him. Not that I didn’t want Carolina to win, but a shame they didn’t get this fired up just over Dallas having convicted domestic abuser Greg Hardy on their team.

At time of writing this post,  an active shooter, who has shot at least three police officers, has been reported at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. And probably safe to assume the man, and it must be a man, claims he is “pro-life.”


Apparently one of the Paris killers asked his sister to give his love to the family cat. Hmm, a new way to combat these terrorists? Forget religious understanding, maybe if Westerners post enough pictures and profess enough love of our cats…!
(hey, Allah, maybe these infidelsaren’t all bad?”)


From Bill Littlejohn “Relatives of Frank Gifford say that CTE was found in his brain.Preliminary indications are that 80% was due to football and the other 20% due to working with Howard Cosell

(or maybe Kathie Lee…)

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