Oldies but goodies.

Today ‪#‎SFGiants‬ pitcher Tim Hudson threw his first pitch at 87 mph. Barry Zito was clocked at 85. And the Warriors’ Klay Thompson threw out the ceremonial first pitch at 89 mph ‪#‎speedisnteverything‬

As disappointing as the ‪#‎SFGiants‬ season may be with all their injuries, interesting to note that if they were in the AL, they’d be basically tied for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

So is it too soon to open two pools on when Jim Harbaugh will take Michigan to their first major bowl game? And then when he will end up leaving after alienating most everyone at the school?

John Boehner’s resignation is effective October 30. Which means with only two months left it will be close if he can make that first million as a lobbyist in 2015.

Bad news for ‪#‎Saints‬ – Drew Brees will miss Sunday’s game. Good news for ‪#‎Bears‬ – so will Jay Cutler.

So at the same time ESPN is reporting on Pete Rose and his banishment from baseball for gambling, in talking about this weekend’s NFL games they are also posting players’ “DraftKings” prices. #$$$$$$

Eric Cantor wrote an op-ed in the NY Times calling for GOP restraint. Is it a sign of the apocalypse that Eric Cantor is the voice of reason?

You know you’re not really in touch with pop culture when you read something like “Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are getting divorced,” and you think “who and who?”

Now Donald Trump has going after Marco Rubio, calling him a “clown.” Trump does realize if he actually wins this nomination he has to pick SOMEONE as a running mate?

There were amazingly no injuries when a man accidentally started a fire at a gas station while trying to kill a spider, with a lighter. This was in Center Line, Michigan. Catch up, Florida.

A Florida woman was arrested today and facing felony charges after posting pictures this July showing her riding on a sea turtle. If she’d only just gotten drunk and shot someone instead….

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