No cash and carry

Rumors were flying that the SD Padres were negotiating with the Boston Red Sox over Pablo Sandoval. Guess that deal collapsed of its own weight?

The Indians have traded relief pitcher Marc Rzepczynski to the Padres. Not sure how Cleveland fans feel about losing Rzepczynski, but Cleveland copy editors are ecstatic.

Hottest accessory in MLB clubhouses tomorrow – badges saying “Hi, my name is….” ‪#‎tradedeadline‬

How rich are the Dodgers? They took on $42 million in payroll at the trade deadline for players they won’t even play, to get the players they do want. Who spends that kind of money to buy people you don’t even need. Outside of politics, that is.

-Looks like ‪#‎San DiegoPadres‬ managed the trade deadline about as well as they’ve managed everything else this season.

California, the birthplace of invention. The Palo Alto Daily Post reports a Redwood City, CA, man is suspected of shoplifting after he came out of a store restroom looking intoxicated, and an empty six pack was found inside.

Fox has cancelled Ryan Seacrest’s new reality TV series “Knock Knock Live” Shocking. Ryan Secrest had a series named “Knock Knock Live.”

Well this is going to be interesting. Ray Tensing, the University of Cincinnati cop who shot Samuel Dubose, has had his union file a grievance to get his job back, claiming he was unjustly fired. What’s going to be weirder, watching some conservatives support the union, or some liberals fight against them?

Jim Harbaugh said in a press conference he’s just striving to coach the football team., and doesn’t want to be popular. Well, as Stanford and the 49ers can attest, Harbaugh should soon do a good job with both objectives

WWE star pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, has died at the age of 61. Now, wrestling is NOT my thing. But, seriously, doing the math, this sport is worse for longevity than pro football. Time to look at what is causing it?

As the calls go for Walter Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe over poaching charges,  nice to know there are some U.S. lawyers who won’t touch this case. #bettertokillyyourgirlfriendthanalion

So all these stores about Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion keep on getting worse. Seriously, if you are some rich guy who just wants to prove how close you can get to a majestic beast, why not just buy an expensive camera?

Palmer is so unpopular Donald Trump is looking at the dentist both as a possible running mate and assassination insurance.

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One Comment on “No cash and carry”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    I beg your pardon. Did you just say Lynn Anderson died?

    (just another reason why I am going straight to hell)

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