Taken for a ride?

Apparently Walt Disney is considering a surge-pricing model for its U.S. theme parks. As if there wasn’t enough reason that locals in Florida used to refer to it as “Wallet Disney World.’

What’s next, will Disney offer a way to purchase tickets with adjustable rate loans?

A Muslim woman who is Associate University Chaplain at Northwestern was denied a unopened can of Diet Coke on a United Express flight because the flight attendant told her “We are unauthorized to give unopened cans to people because they may use it as a weapon on the plane.” Although then the flight attendant gave a man an unopened beer.

Apparently no one at the airline has ever thought about what you could do with a broken wine bottle? ‪#‎cantfixstupid‬

RIP Lennie Merullo. He was the last living player who played for the Cubs in a World Series. And most Americans are thinking “How’d he make it to 130?”

For those going through basketball withdrawal, it’s only about 5 days until the start of the NBA finals. And about five weeks until next year’s preseason games start.. ‪#‎LOOOONGseason‬.

Race driver Tony Kanaan will have Taylor Swift painted on his car for this weekend’s Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix as part of a promotion with her label. Kanaan hopes Swift will bring him luck, Swift figures that when the partnership falls apart she’ll get a hit song out of it.

Martin O’Malley is running for President. And the response of most Americans – “who?”

Paul McCartney, who once spent 10 days in jail for possession of marijuana, told a British newspaper he has given up smoking pot as “a parent thing” because he doesn’t want to set a bad example for his grandchildren. Well, and it’s not there’s a way the kids will ever be able to read about his past…..

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are going to have an interview with Megyn Kelly to talk about the molestation allegations with Josh and ‘tears we all shed.” The interview will be June 3, for all those who want to stock up on anti-nausea medication..

You can’t make this “stuff” up: The man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman is planning to use the “Stand your ground” defense.


On a serious note though, truly sorry to hear of the death of Beau Biden, 46, from brain cancer. The U.S has way too many people running for office simply on their last name, but my sense is he could have been a real leader. ‪#‎onlythegooddieyoung‬

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2 Comments on “Taken for a ride?”

  1. tc Says:

    Country star Garth Brooks had to cancel his three shows in Tampa in order to accomodate the NHL Lightning’s Stanley Cup home games. See, this is what happens when you only have friends in low places.

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