Not quite “I love you, you love me….”

Guess they weren’t a happy fam-il-lee…. The son of the creator of Barney the Dinosaur was sentenced to 15 years in prison for losing his temper and shooting his neighbor (who survived) in the chest during an argument. Wonder how many over the years have been tempted to shoot just to get someone else to turn the show off..


Sepp Blatter was  re-elected as FIFA’s president on Friday, in a surprisingly easy win, with 133 votes of 209 on the first ballot Have to wonder, what information might Blatter have on some of those voters that could get them added to the arrest total?


At the same time we celebrate the winners of the Scripps Spelling Bee wonder how many American kids are growing up thinking “Why bother learning the subject at all when there’s Spellcheck? (And don’t get me started on basic arithmetic. Now you punks get off my lawn.)

Details are starting to emerge on Dennis Hastert’s “misconduct”. And looks like regarding those who threw stones at Bill Clinton, we’re going to need a bigger glass house.

With Dennis Hastert, the question of the day is either ” how do so many politicians continue to think they’ll get away with a past? ” Or “how many other hypocrites are out there we haven’t caught yet?”

Here we go…. Buzzfeed is reporting that that federal prosecutors knew of “prior misdeeds” Hastert committed against potentially several alleged victims that were not included in yesterday’s indictment. You know, Freud was wrong about a lot of things…. but “reaction formation”  he may have nailed.

LB Prince Shembo was waived by the Atlanta Falcons after he was charged with felony animal cruelty for kicking and killing his girlfriend’s dog. Now, Shembo was drafted in the fourth round by the Falcons in 2014 despite an earlier “incident” where he was accused of sexual battery, but not charged because the alleged victim committed suicide two weeks later.

Sigh. So many people who worry about sexual orientation being a problem in the locker room don’t seem to have a problem with sexual assault….

It wasn’t that long ago that many NL teams were sorry to see the ‪#‎HoustonAstros‬ go to the American League because it deprived them of the chance of some easy wins…..

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One Comment on “Not quite “I love you, you love me….””

  1. TC in BC Says:

    no NBA or NHL this Thursday past. Most competitive programming was The National Spelling Bee. It ended up in a tie as Donovan McNabb almost choked to death on his Chunky Soup.

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