Grin and Bear it?

Chicago fans are still getting over their team’s loss to underdog Green Bay Sunday, and many of them are blaming the loss on the alleged fragility of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, because they felt he should have played through whatever pain he was feeling.

In fact, some Chicagoans were so upset by the game, they had to take Monday off from work to recover.

But hey, maybe Bears fans really should lay off Jay Cutler on this “whether or not he was injured” issue. Even if he wasn’t hurt that badly he actually helped out the team by having them end up with Caleb Hanie!

So if Jay Cutler ends up temporarily using a walker with his knee, will he be doing the “No Super Bowl Shuffle?”

If we didn’t already know that NFL football was a different world…. can you imagine the hype, or rather lack thereof, if the World Series was going to be between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates?


Two Northern California counselors have founded “Men of Tears” workshops, based the idea that suppressing tears is detrimental to men’s individual physical and emotional health. Scary. If this is true, John Boehner may be the healthiest man on the planet.

An Illinois court has rule Rahm Emanuel ineligible to run for Mayor of Chicago because he hasn’t been living in the city regularly since he started work at the White House.  I don’t get it. Since actually “living” in Chicago is not a requirement for voting, why should they be so picky about running for office there?

Joe Biden was called for jury duty. Well, it’s not like he was doing anything anyway.

Facebook informs me that I have ten friends who “like” Sarah Palin. But they don’t tell me if those friends are Republicans or comedy writers.

from T.C.

Jhonattan Vegas won the PGA Bob Hope Classic this week. Microsoft execs are trying to sign him up to endorse their new Office 2011 software featuring the latest up to date “Spellcheck”. Of course this is due to The Open Winner Louis Oosthuizen rejected their offer.

The Advocate named San Francisco only the 11th gayest city in the United States. San Francisco immediately issued an open challenge to you “ten over-rated bitches.”

Today a University of  Tennessee spokesman said their athletics department is looking into whether a Volunteers basketball player received free use of a Knoxville bar to film a music video, which may be an NCAA violation.

Standby tomorrow for news that the investigation is over because it turns out the bar owner only talked to the kid’s dad.

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2 Comments on “Grin and Bear it?”

  1. tc Says:

    Shirley, it was not a good year for Hollywood movies. The Kings Speech has been nominated for an Oscar. Were you aware that LeBron James’ ESPN Decision Special was made into a movie?

    Now that the J E T S are Toast, Toast Toast, i hope Sanchez will find time in the off season to get some pars and birdies to offset his bogey ratio.

  2. If tears are healthy, why does Jay Cutler have a torn MCL?

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