No clean sweeps..

No clean sweep for the Conservative party in the British elections; the results indicate that the government may be headed for complete gridlock. On the bright side the English people have just been named honorary Californians.

Detroit Red Wings fans threw plenty of dead octopuses (octopi) on the ice to celebrate their team’s 7 to 1 victory over San Jose. And there weren’t really any signs of life from all the Sharks on the ice either.

Senator Joe Lieberman was quoted as saying about the BP oil spill – “Accidents happen.” Tell me about it, said Al Gore when asked about the man he chose as his running mate.

If “Greece” is the word, today on Wall Street it’s a four letter one.

So part of the 1,000 point (before rebound) crash Thursday may have been caused by a trader typing $16 billion rather than $16 million…

$16 billion instead of $16 million? Who makes that kind of error?. Except maybe the Yankees working out their payroll.

Or Larry Ellison approving expenses for his next America’s cup race.

Or for the commie pinko crowd – the Pentagon, with the cost of their latest wish list.

The trader who allegedly made the “m” to “b” error allegedly works at Citigroup. Citi’s motto has been “Citi never sleeps.” Sounds like maybe some naps wouldn’t hurt.

-if you’re not following California politics the next two may not make sense-

Sarah Palin today endorsed Carly Fiorina in the California Republican Senate primary. Which could be great news – for Tom Campbell.

Some Tea-Partiers are upset by the fact that Palin picked Fiorina as opposed to the potentially even more conservation Chuck Devore.

But I believe her choice can be summed up with a simple phrase “Birdbrains of a feather..”

A joint joke with my very talented friend Jerry Perisho: Cinco de Mayo celebrates a Mexican army victory over the French in 1862. But had the victory been a day later, we’d be celebrating “Sexto de Mayo.” It would have been Bill Clinton’s favorite holiday

Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts died at the age of 83. He holds the record for the most total home runs surrendered – 505. Just imagine what that total would be if he pitched at the new Yankee Stadium.

Roberts was a modest unassuming man, in fact he gave credit for a lot of his success to tips he’d gotten from his teammate Jamie Moyer.

One I wish I had written from Marc Ragovin : The Phillies new slogan?: “Citizens Bank Park: Come Feel The Electricity”

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