As we move to week two of the Winter Olympics…

And NBC is about halfway through their tape-delayed West Coast coverage of week one…

Question of the night. If ice dancing can be a Winter Olympics sport, why isn’t ballroom dancing a Summer Olympics sport?

Glenn Beck criticized the Republican party for their love of spending and big government and said they should admit their problem and show the same remorse as Tiger Woods. But is there any comparison? Tiger probably screwed a few dozen women, the GOP’s “don’t tax- spend anyway” policy screwed the entire country.

During Spring Training yesterday, several SF Giants players showed up early to practice their runs from first to third on a single. Benji Molina was working on his sprint from first to second.

At his press conference Tiger Woods admitted infidelities but denied his wife had hit him with a two iron. Actually, Elin used a sand wedge.

Wish I had written these, first from my very funny friend Alan Ray.

“The annual running of the brides was held in Filene’s Basement in New York. Women stampede through a store for a $429 wedding gown. How totally ridiculous. You’d think it was an Xbox.”

And from Alex Kaseberg:

Some controversy at the Vancouver Olympics. Today three of the men’s figure skaters tested positive for Appletinis.

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